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“Home & Family” host Mark Steines has put his sparkling five-bedroom estate in Ojai, CA, on the market for .3 million, but there’s nothing DIY about this place.The former “Entertainment Tonight” anchor has traded the glam of the red carpet for the grit of a toolbelt in his new role as Mr. Along with co-host Cristina Ferrare, he delivers daily DIY advice for home and cooking projects.(function() )(); $(document).ready(function()); //fix video on scroll $(window).on('scroll',function(){ var $player = $('#aka Player113'); if (!$('.device-xs').is(':visible') && $player.is('.akamai-player')) { var $player Wrapper; if ($player.closest('.player').length) else if ($player.closest('.media-article-asset').length && $player.is('.akamai-playing')) else if ($player.closest('.media-article-asset').length && $player.is('.fixed')) if ($player Wrapper) { var player Top Pos = $player Wrapper.offset().top; var player Height = $player Wrapper.height(); if( $player Wrapper.closest('. Video Lede').length ) var player Limit = player Top Pos player Height - 100; if($(window).scroll Top() player Limit) { if( !“We try to go to our house in Ojai as much as possible, so we can spend more time outside.There was a period of time when we were going every weekend.PHOTOS: Whitney Bischoff Joins Chris Soules on His Iowa Farm“I will admit I’ve texted Chris on and off today just to let him know I wish them both well and they’re both good friends of mine and if there’s anything I can do or to help with,” he said.

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“I thought that they had given it a go and were going back together but apparently not.”“I wish them the best,” Harrison said.

Harrison revealed that he had been in contact with Soules via text messages on Thursday, lending his support as a friend.

to bake cookies and build birdhouses on the Hallmark Channel. I am past that in my life.” Mark, 49, now serves as co-host [with author and TV personality Cristina Ferrare] of the daily lifestyle series HOME & FAMILY.

“That [celebrity news] stuff just isn’t interesting to me,” he says. “We don’t try to cheat the audience in any way,” he insists.

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