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Internet companies such as Google have strongly backed net neutrality, but many tech firms have been more muted in their activism this year.

Netflix, which had been vocal in support of the rules in 2015, said in January that weaker net neutrality wouldn't hurt it because it's now too popular with users for broadband providers to interfere.

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'Not one to sit on the sidelines, Cruz leaped to Pai's defense, tweeting: 'Luke, I know Hollywood can be confusing, but it was Vader who supported govt power over everything said & done on the Internet.' 'That's why giant corps (Google, Facebook, Netflix) supported the FCC power grab of net neutrality. ' Cruz continued.'Thanks for smarm-spaining it to me,' Hamill shot back.'I know politics can be confusing, but you'd have more credibility if you spelled my name correctly. ' 'Maybe you're just distracted from watching porn at the office again,' he continued, in reference to a September incident in which Cruz's Twitter account liked a tweet featuring hardcore pornography. Who was it that said, "Fear is the path to the dark side…fear leads to anger…anger leads to hate"''Rather than insults, try civil discussion of facts,' Cruz continued.

A federal appeals court upheld the rules in 2016 after broadband providers sued.

That's really bad for freedom.''Net neutrality' was a set of regulations imposed in 2015 that classified internet service providers as common carriers, forbidding them from charging higher rates for preferential access to 'high speed' data lanes. But service providers said that it hamstrung their businesses, allowing companies like Google and Netflix to consume huge amounts of bandwidth without compensating the network providers.Ted Bundy, an infamous serial killer, granted an interview to psychologist James Dobson just before he was executed on January 24, 1989.In that interview, he described the agony of his addiction to pornography.The net neutrality rules gave the FCC power to go after companies for business practices that weren't explicitly banned as well.For example, the Obama FCC said that 'zero rating' practices by AT&T violated net neutrality.

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