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Other documents that may be requested include a copy of your tenancy agreement if you are renting a property and a copy of your contract of employment.

It is also advantageous to have private health insurance in place as well as proof that you do not have a criminal record (antecendentes penales).

not employed or self-employed) - A non-EU national dependant of an EU or Spanish national Residence cards (as distinct from the Certificate of Residence for Foreigners) are no longer required for EU citizens although they are available if desired.

The certificate is essential for those who want to have a Spanish driver’s licence, those who want to cash a cheque, obtaining a loan from the bank or starting a business.

All those who are applying for residency must make a separate application with all their documents and must appear in person at the police station.

The total amount payable will depend upon the number of people applying.

All those who plan to spend longer than 90 days in Spain will need to apply for residency status (residencia).

For EU nationals who have the right to live and work in Spain, this is merely a formality which gives them some similar rights that Spanish citizens have.

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