Nazi sex camp

My mother and her friends were convinced that the Polish inmates were worse to the Hungarian Jews than ‘even the Germans’.

At the same time, they developed a special bond with the Czech prisoners, who they regarded as ‘kind’.

Her friend Zsuzsa became an accomplished thief and frequently succeeded in smuggling food back into the camp to feed her starving bunk-mates.

The Ravensbrück stories that I grew up with were about the everyday details of human survival in conditions that were predictably horrific, but also unpredictably arbitrary in the way the inmates were dehumanised, degraded and punished.

A few relatively privileged prisoners managed to maintain intermittent correspondence with friends and family.

Others succeeded in informing Allied prisoners of war about their predicament.

Composed of over 20 nationalities, Ravensbrück’s population was unusually heterogeneous.

Squabbles coexisted, then, with spontaneous acts of solidarity and defiance.

According to Zsuzsa, sabotage in the airplane factory was fairly routine.

They all considered themselves relatively fortunate because they were deported in October 1944, a long time after the German concentration camps were in full operation.

According to a certificate issued by her American liberators, Klara was held in a concentration camp from 15 November 1944.

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