I shot andy warhol subtitulada online dating

*1996 Spectacular acting, with little gems of wisdom throughout the film.If you take out the hatered in her words and listen to the points she is making about women's oppression by men and their actions, there is actual truth & wisdom in what she is revealing.For example Flavor Flav’s face is not symmetrical where as Col sanders’ face is.

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Something we hope you'll especially enjoy: He was the world-renowned King of Pop Artand his life was about to take a dramatic turn in exchange for someone else's fifteen minutes of fame!

Its such a highly interesting character study as well as a reflection of how life was for women in the '60s & how much we've overcome.

Highly recommend this movie to intelligent audiences with calm attitudes who aren't easily threatened & to those who like to learn from adversary.

Desperate for an audience, she latches on to the fringes of Warhol's (Harris) glamorous sex-and-drug-laced Factory scene.

But as her zeal swerves dangerously out of control, her private madness leads to a bizarre obsession with the artist himselfand a final, explosive act of violence that not only gets her notice..makes her manifesto infamous.

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