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These chemicals set the stage for a more balanced cooperative and affiliative feeling to develop.

It is at this stage that the warmth and nurturing feelings of love, so necessary for a marriage to succeed, begin to occur.

At a restaurant recently, while sitting next to a young married couple, despite trying very hard not to listen, I was amazed at how the couple was speaking about different topics and at cross-purposes to one another.

True, this may be just one anecdote; however, more and more young marrieds are divorcing with the primary complaint that they simply did not know each other at the time of marriage and do not understand one another once married.

This separation has led to a fear of socializing, a form of stage fright or anticipatory anxiety that causes young daters to not know how to act in a socially acceptable fashion with one another.

I hear them talking about the magic of the opposite sex as if it were a truism, a fact that in order to understand how to even talk with one another they must unravel a secret magical code.

These include developing a degree of comfort in communicating with the other person, being physically attracted and sensing a degree of personality similarity.

When these changes take place the couple begins to develop a sense of fun and passion about the relationship.

The intensity of the first level of passion begins to dissipate and two different neurotransmitters start their work.Who needs a romantic relationship with a spouse or even friendship with a spouse, as long as you get what you want?There actually is somewhat of a scientific formula for the magic that causes the spark of romance.Young men and women go through a biological and psychological maturational change that is driven by hormones in their early to mid twenties.For some it begins a bit before, and for others a bit later.

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