Free dating sites in usa pof

Especially when you have a huge list of demands even David Beckham would struggle to match I wasted a week on POF and won't be rushing back Lastly what's with being horrible and moody on your profile.Men won't message you if your moaning before they've even spoke to you.There are millions of users and when there is an outage people will come forward saying they cannot access the dating site.

They have even tried changing their review status (allegedly) by having multiple addresses to split the negative reviews (the complaints however, appear to have been merged).

Some guy is going to be in for a shock if they meet. Saw a few other faces from the past just with different hair etc and couldn't help but think if you are on a dating site for 6 years surely you'd think I'm being too picky or it's not working.

How is it possible to be on pof that long and not find a decent man??? Alot of them don't have photos, have photos kissing their pets or photos I'd class as inappropriate for a open source 'dating' site.

They click on meet you or tell you must email them as it's not safe on POF.

Why anyone would waste their time with fake profiles is beyond me The real women are mostly unattractive or/and obese yet call themselves sexy or babe in their username.

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