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Hey Min ho I have watched all your dramas and hwarang and medical top team is my favorite among all your dramas. God Bless You I am very sad that I couldn't see you when you came to India.... Me and my best friend, friends of my friends and lots more, they also love korean dramas and we're waiting for the next episode of korean drama entitled 'Hwarang" in which you are one of it. WE LOVE YOU MINHO Minho oopa, you've grown up soo the difference between you in Salamander guru and now....look like a giant cmpared to it. Anyway love you oppa....always make your fans delighted!!!! Just few words combined Like the sun you shine so bright, Even you cant see the tiny me it's OK. Even if I get hurt I wish if its u then I will fall again & again Almost forgot... Also oppa, you seem really different in Hwarang..... I'd really love to see you with long hair again, but thats out of style now right? If I would have known definitely I would have come... I hope you know that I along with your many many fans support you all the way... I miss the old times when you guys (shinee) were with Yoogeun......

I really love you baby you are really handsome hard working and I love youre voice ,acting but please just stop lose weight..... I love Hyun Woo's character too, he's gay and so funny and I love the way how he smile even in his saddest moment.

I so all videos of exciting India and was sad that nobody recognized you( but you are very famous among youngsters). Oppa, i am a fan of yur acting, i just want yu to bcum a superstar in korean industry. Don't be too pressured by what people think of you and do what you need to do, because your true fans, especially your loved ones will surely stick by you and your decisions... Yours truly Lei from Samoa :) I know that there is only a teensy chance you will read this but I have a couple of questions....

Keep going, " Miracle is another name of hardwork". plus me :) I guarantee that although I don't know much about you Happy, I know that in the 17 years you've lived there have been no other fans as supportive of you than I.

Key finally managed to gain a scholarship for dance and music in this school. , I hope it's not too annoying for all of you but it really inspires me so much haha This time it's no Xiuhan (absolutely not Xiuhan, it happens once a year please read it for luck) but Jongkey, as my friends ask me to, i hope you'll enjoy it :) thank you to @Evil TM_ my dear friend for the cover of this fanfic !

He also managed to make an enemy on the first day of school, the overconfident and irritating Minho. I love you so much, all this fic is for you "It's been a long time since we talk to each other." "I will wait for you to come back" "It's the last time I will say this to you, I love you so much." --- Jang Yoomi, a 17 year old senior student, a smart yet scary girl who's living with her sister since her father died.

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