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See we are playing slender and they were thinking since he is apparently really scary, the winner will be in a suit and wear a mask to scare the loser while they are playing. All the drawers are fi New Girl- Smosh Games Fanfic Part 8(*Brook's P. V*) Even though I might have been here for a two months now, which is not a very long time, I still cannot think of any ideas to do for my show.

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I love how I live down here because for the others it kind of a distance to get to the studio, but I live right by it.

I hear my phone go off and I take it out of my gym bag, p New Girl- Smosh Games Fanfic Part 10(*Brook's P. V*) I walk back into the office and sit at the desk which is now mine. I have my TARDIS nightlight and some little Nintendo figures. I opened up my laptop and started editing the video, it had to be out tomorrow. This time it is Ian asking me to come over and do some Collab tonight, but I have that arcade thing to do with Mari and Lasercorn, I guess I will just go to arcade, it sounds better anyways.

I quickly text back that I am already busy and throw my phone back in the bag.

Hosts/producers have included Lily Marston, Katie Krause, Deidre Behar, Erin Robinson, Misty Kingma, Vivian Valadez, Miriam Isa, Nicole Phillippi, Jacqui Phung, Brianna Baxter, Chelsea London Lloyd, Tatiana Carrier, and Ryland Adams.

Executive producers are Dana Ward and Joslyn Davis.

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